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Duodenal Anastomosis Preferred for Biliary Reconstruction

Duodenal Anastomosis Preferred for Biliary Reconstruction
"This anastomosis can successfully be performed to all levels of the biliary tree with low rates of leak, stricture, cholangitis, and bile gastritis. When anastomotic complications do occur, there is less need for transhepatic intervention because of …
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This Week in PLOS NTDs: Schistosomiasis and HIV's Deadly Link, Pest Control
Dr. Martial Ndeffo Mbah and colleagues present here a mathematical model of female genital schistosomiasis and HIV calibrated using epidemiological data from Zimbabwe that they've used to explore the potential cost-effectiveness of mass drug …
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New Study Examines Biliary Reconstruction Method
SEATTLE—Duodenal anastomosis (a surgical procedure creating a connection with the duodenum, the first section of the small intestine) appears to be a safe and simple method for reconstruction of the bile duct system that can be successfully performed …
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