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Gunther Tulip IVC Filter


Some cool Vena Cava Filter images:

Gunther Tulip IVC Filter
Vena Cava Filter

Image by Michael @ NW Lens
Late in 2005 I was in the hospital due to injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. A complication from that was a medical condition known as a "Saddle Embolism"… essentially a large blood clot restricting the flow of blood to my lungs. Not a good thing. To prevent further clots I had a medical filter installed in my lesser vena cava to catch them before they could get into a dangerous area.

  • Onica B

    These filters are very dangerous Mine one of the legs broke off half is in my spine the other half is floating around my liver,spleen,and the right lung.have no idea where it will go next..Please be careful when using this type of filter

  • Onica B

    Oh I did get the filter out ..But I also forgot to tell you all that two of the legs stuck in the Small colon..We got everything out except the leg that broke off in two parts so what will happen next

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