Assess a bile duct stricture or ureteral stricture

Whitaker test allows for an objective measurement of ureteral or bile duct obstruction.   The procedure is performed by injecting the bile ducts (Biliary drain) or nephrostomy tube with a certain amount of contrast cc/minute for 2-5 minutes each sitting for a total predetermined volume and assessing the rise in pressure in the biliary tree or within the kidney.  this helps assess whether there is a blockage of the outflow downstream of the site of injection (ie.  if there is a ureteral or biliary stricture or obstruction).  The whitaker test helps identify if there is a need for biliary obstruction treatment/ureteral obstruction treatment in the setting of a benign biliary or ureteral stricture

Patient Info

Biliary tube#: _______________    Baseline Pressure_____________

CC/MINUTE                     TOTAL TIME                     VOLUME                     PRESSURE
2cc                                       5 minutes                              10cc
4cc                                       5 minutes                              20cc
8cc                                       5 minutes                              40cc
15cc                                     3 minutes                              45cc
20cc                                    2 minutes                               40cc

*Normal Study — pressures are <20-30 cm H2O rise from baseline pressure.