Acute GIB = Acute GastroIntestinal Bleed

UGIB = Upper GastroIntestinal Bleed

NG Lavage = Nasogastric tube lavage (Injecting fluid and aspirating it back from a nasogastric tube will return blood if the bleeding is from the stomach or profusely from the duodenum/upper gastrointestinal tract)

GI fellow = Gastroenterology fellow

IR = Interventional Radiology

IR or OR = Interventional Radiology (For embolization procedure) or Operating Room for surgical resection

CTA = CT angiogram of the arteries to localize a bleed

Tagged RBC scan = Tagged red blood cell scan which is a more sensitive scan but may not correlate with angiographic findings as well as a CTA does.

EGD = Esophagogastroduodenoscopy AKA endoscopy


Interventional radiology embolization, surgical intervention or gastroenterology protocol for treatment of GI bleeds.