CLINICAL INDICATION: Renal cell carcinoma,     kidney

PROCEDURE: Informed consent was obtained. The lesion in the     kidney is located    . The patient was placed on the CT table in a prone position. The lesion in the     kidney was localized by CT and the site was marked on the skin.

Using sterile technique, the site was prepped and drapped. A subcutaneous needle was positioned over the site of the lesion in the [] kidney and the site was confirmed using CT.

Initially a     gauge,     cm introducer needle was placed at the site of the lesion in the     kidney. Biopsies of the renal lesion were obtained and sent to pathology.

Subsequently, a [] cm long, radiofrequency Covidian valley lab ablation needle with a     cm treatment area was positioned into the lesion. 

     was present for the procedure and instilled saline through the stent into the ureter during the radiofrequency ablation.

    radiofrequency ablation(s) were performed for 12 minutes each. 

The procedure was performed by [] and []


MEDICATIONS:     versed and     fentanyl

The patient left the department in good condition.


IMPRESSION:     radiofrequency ablation of the     kidney as described above.