1. L1 Vertebroplasty using Avaflex Flexible Guiding Introducer.
2. Fluoroscopic guidance
3. Moderate Sedation

Versed and Fentanyl IV was given by conscious sedation certified nursing staff after normal cardiopulmonary and head/neck exam for 45 minutes. ASA 2

Written and oral consent was obtained after discussing risk and benefits prior to the procedure. Patient decided to proceed with the procedure. Timeout was performed per protocol.

Patient was placed prone on the angiographic table and lumbar region was prepped and draped. Under fluoroscopic guidance and under 1% local lidocaine, 11 gauge Vertebroplasty Needle was used to gain access into the L1 vertebral body using unilateral posterior extra-pedicular approach.

Avaflex Guiding Introducer was inserted into the vertebral body and cement was injected per recommendation of the manufacturer. Approximately 3 cc of bone cement was injected into the vertebral body.

No clinically significant extravasation was seen and satisfactory cement injection was noted.

Patient tolerated the procedure well without immediate complications. Post procedure neurologic examinations were intact and unchanged.

Successful L1 Vertebroplasty as described.