Silicon is an important element in the human body. It belongs to the essential microelements, is in the group of structural components of the epithelium, bone and soft tissues. Its deficiency can easily make up for silicon in food. Without it, the body will simply fall apart. It is necessary for nails, skin and hair, and is involved in the transmission of nerve signals.

Silicon: benefits for the body

Silicon (otherwise called silicon dioxide or silica) performs many important functions, the main ones are maintaining the elasticity of the epithelium and soft tissues around cartilage, bones, joints, as well as tendons, mucous membranes and blood vessels. It is excreted along with urine.

Silicon strengthens bones, participates in their growth and restoration, prevents the destruction of vertebral discs. This reduces the risk of developing pathologies of the musculoskeletal system. A stable silica content is also important for other biological processes in the body:

  • helps him absorb micro- and macrominerals;
  • improves the functioning of the brain and central nervous system;
  • forms strong compounds with heavy metals, which contributes to their rapid removal from the body;
  • reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular pathologies;
  • accelerates the transmission of nerve impulses to the brain;
  • increases the body’s resistance to viral and bacterial infections;
  • improves calcium absorption;
  • prevents the development of tuberculosis, cancer;
  • stabilizes metabolic processes;
  • slows down the aging of the body;
  • prevents the penetration of lipids into the plasma, which reduces the risk of blockage of blood vessels and the development of atherosclerosis;
  • reduces flatulence, improves digestion of food;
  • lowers blood pressure;
  • accelerates the production of certain enzymes, important amino acids and hormones;
  • necessary for the secretion of collagen, elastin;
  • enhances the susceptibility of fat cell receptors, due to which excess lipids are removed;
  • dilates blood vessels, strengthens veins and arteries;
  • prevents the development of Alzheimer’s disease;
  • necessary to maintain the shape of the connective tissue;
  • enhances the antioxidant effect of vitamins A, C and E;
  • relieves constipation by absorbing toxins;
  • strengthens hair and prevents hair loss;
  • participates in the restoration of the skin and nails.

The microelement maintains the balance of phosphorus and calcium in the body, prevents the destruction of bones, the development of osteoporosis. Foods rich in silicon increase bone mineralization, which reduces the risk of fractures and injuries. It is necessary for the stable functioning of digestion. Promotes the formation of new muscle tissue that protects the intestinal walls and restores the mucous membranes. 

Flint has an amazing property – to attract pathogens – fungi (yeast and Candida), viruses, Trichomonas and after – quickly remove them from the body. But this does not affect the beneficial microflora – it remains in the intestine in full, does not “stick” to the colloids of the mineral.

Silicon deficiency: symptoms

Where silicon is found – in the earth’s crust, soil, sand, forms various materials after combining with other micro and macro elements and oxygen. It is also found in plant and animal foods. It enters the human body with food, water and oxygen. It accumulates mainly in the thyroid gland and adrenal glands.

In smaller quantities – in the pituitary gland, lungs, in small concentrations – in the muscles, lymphatic fluid and blood. The daily human need for the mineral is 20-30 mg, and the maximum dose is 100 mg. Silicon deficiency can be identified by a number of symptoms:

  • the bones are the first to feel the lack of an element, this is signaled by brittle nails, itching of the skin, hair loss;
  • dryness of the face, peeling, decreased elasticity of the epidermis;
  • frequent fractures, injuries;
  • vessels become fragile, traces of rosacea, bruises appear on the skin, even a slight blow can provoke a hematoma;
  • digestive disorders;
  • stool disorders (constipation, diarrhea);
  • poorly healing wounds, injuries and fractures;
  • the nails exfoliate, notches appear on them, traces under the plates;
  • development of dysbacteriosis;
  • irritability appears, depression and apathy, neuroses develop.

The lack of silicon leads to the development of many diseases. Mineral deficiency disrupts metabolism, which negatively affects all organs and systems. With a prolonged lack of silicon, immunity decreases, and diseases develop that are accompanied by purulent processes – sinusitis, otitis media, tonsillitis, abscess. Long non-healing fistulas are formed.

For the human body, silicon is very important, as it is an indispensable element. It provides a clear and coordinated work of all organs associated with the nervous system. With a deficiency of the mineral, the brain begins to work more slowly, reactions are inhibited, and coordination of movement is disturbed.

In the vascular walls, silicon is replaced by calcium, and they become stiffer. And if cholesterol settles on them, then plaques form and prerequisites for the development of ischemia, atherosclerosis, angina pectoris, stroke and heart attack appear.

If the concentration of silicon in the body is not urgently restored, mild health problems turn into more serious pathologies:

  • diabetes;
  • atherosclerosis;
  • hepatitis;
  • hypertension;
  • tuberculosis;
  • goiter;
  • the formation of stones in the urinary and gall bladders, kidneys;
  • dysbacteriosis;
  • osteoporosis.

After menopause, a woman’s body loses 30% of collagen. It is not fully restored anyway, and due to the lack of silicon, even part of the lost is not replenished. Therefore, the skin remains flabby, dull, the number of wrinkles increases.

Causes of Silicon Deficiency

Since silicon is found in many foods, a deficiency of the mineral is rare and can be quickly replenished. The reasons for the lack of an element can be various factors – diseases of the digestive system or malnutrition, poor ecology, violation of the drinking regime.

Intensive training, heavy physical exertion, and in young children and adolescents, active growth of the body can also provoke a deficiency. Deficiency occurs with helminthic invasion, insufficient fiber content in the diet, chronic stress and prolonged nervous strain.

What foods contain silicon

What foods have a lot of silicon: the highest concentration is in cereals, most of all in brown rice. But after heat treatment, its amount is significantly reduced. Therefore, it is better to choose green beans that cook quickly, any leafy greens, or foods that do not need to be boiled, stewed or fried.

Flint is found in any fiber and the more it is, the higher the mineral content. Therefore, to make up for its deficiency, bran, fresh fruits, and vegetables are preferred. In animal food, silicon is found in eggs, milk, caviar, and meat. But in them the amount of the mineral is much less than in plant products.

What foods contain silicon – its concentration in 100 g (in mg)
High (1240-100)Medium (94-60)Low(58-13)
rice;oats in grains;millet;barley;sesame seeds;soya beans;strawberry berries.pineapple, chickpeas, beans, turnips;peanuts, lentils;green peas, melon;broccoli, beets, bananas;avocado;corn.walnuts;cabbage;fresh cucumbers;potatoes, hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds;fresh and dried figs, cherries;radish, raspberry;pumpkin and radish;carrot;fresh blueberries;grape.

A small amount of silicon (10 mg or less) is found in tomatoes, peaches, pears, apricots, oranges, flour, plums, bread, pasta. To fill the deficit, it is recommended to choose products from among cereals.

How to replenish the deficiency of silicon in the body

When compiling the menu, you need to take into account the norm. The maximum allowable daily intake of silicon is 500 mg. When making up for the deficiency of silicon with products, it is important to prevent an overdose of the mineral. Otherwise, it can provoke shortness of breath, irritability, dry cough and decreased performance.

If the concentration of the mineral is not reduced, this increases the risk of developing pulmonary emphysema, tuberculosis, fibrosis, bronchitis, and a cancerous tumor in the abdominal cavity. But an overdose occurs only if the mineral is consumed in such quantities for 3 months or longer.

To replenish and maintain the norm of silicon, you can use finished products – buy pharmacy preparations, vitamin supplements. Or use decoctions daily, preparing herbal preparations to your taste:

  • field chamomile;
  • medicinal lungwort;
  • bird mountaineer;
  • dandelion leaves;
  • juniper;
  • wormwood;
  • horsetail;
  • dog walker;
  • coltsfoot;
  • thyme;
  • nettles;
  • tansy.

During heat treatment, silicon is destroyed. Therefore, preference should be given to dishes with fresh vegetables, fruits, berries and nuts. After peeling them, the concentration of the mineral in them drops by 10%, and industrial processing – up to 50%. Also, the amount of silicon decreases by a third when it is combined with fast carbohydrates (flour and confectionery, sweet). And soda does interfere with the absorption of the mineral.

With its deficiency, doctors recommend drinking at least 1.5 liters of water daily. Eat fractionally, 4-6 times a day, include buckwheat and rice in the menu. Exclude salty, fried, fatty and smoked. For a while, you need to give up alcohol.

To keep the maximum amount of silicon in the products, they are steamed, and pistachios and green peas are eaten fresh. The simplest recipes for foods containing flint are listed in the table. When compiling a menu, you can include the listed salads and smoothies 1-2 times a week.

NameCooking method
Dandelion saladMix equal amounts of green onions and dandelion leaves. Finely chopped and crushed with a crush. Dressed with vegetable oil sauce with natural cranberry juice. Topped with boiled egg halves.According to the second recipe, chopped dandelion leaves are mixed with honey and walnuts. The salad is dressed with fresh curdled milk. It not only provides a normal content of silicon, but also has great benefits for women’s health.
Jerusalem artichoke salad with carrotsMix an equal amount of peeled and grated root crops. Add a chopped bunch of greens to them. Use lemon or cranberry juice to dress the salad. Or prepare a mixture of 1 tsp. sunflower oil, 1 tsp. honey and 2 tsp. freshly squeezed lemon.
Banana spinach smoothieSilicon in the body can be replenished with a delicious drink. Even if you drink it daily, it will only bring benefits.In a blender, mix a peeled banana, 100 g spinach leaves, 50 g Brazil nuts and 100 ml water until smooth. If you need a thinner drink, you can add pineapple or strawberry juice. Nuts can be replaced (or included in the recipe additionally) for cashews, pine nuts, almonds.
Salad with pumpkinAll ingredients are taken in equal quantities. Fresh pumpkin and apples are cut into small cubes, the Jerusalem artichoke tuber is coarsely rubbed. Finely chop pickled cucumber and onion head. The ingredients are mixed, seasoned with sour cream and salted to taste.
Jerusalem artichoke salad with eggHard boiled chicken egg. Cut it into strips and mix with 50 g of coarsely grated Jerusalem artichoke. Add a chopped bunch of your favorite greens to them. Season with sour cream and salt – to taste.
Salad “Summer”Mix equal amounts of chopped tomatoes, boiled chicken eggs and cucumbers. Coarsely rub the Jerusalem artichoke tuber. Add 2-3 bunches of different greens, 2 minced garlic cloves and a stalk of celery. Season with sour cream, salt to taste.

Of the hot dishes, oatmeal with pumpkin seeds will be the most useful. To minimize the loss of silicon during cooking, take whole peeled cereals. A glass of grain is poured into 1 liter of water, and boiled for 10-15 on a small fire. Then the porridge is flavored with maple syrup or honey, crushed seeds are added – linseed, sesame and pumpkin. To preserve the trace element in oatmeal completely, it is better to simply soak the cereal overnight.

silicon water

To fill the deficit, a silicon solution is prepared. To do this, a piece of pure flint weighing 8-10 g is thrown into 1 liter of fresh water. The natural mineral is brown. Then the water is infused in a dark place for 4 days. After the liquid must be poured into a glass bottle and drunk for 10 days. It is recommended to drink 100-200 ml daily. The course of treatment is from 5 to 10 weeks. Silicon water can also be used for the preparation of cosmetic formulations, used for lotions.

Silicon is very important for the body. Its deficiency causes the destruction of bone tissue, which provokes injuries and fractures, the development of obesity, diabetes and other health problems. But you can make up for the lack of silicon and maintain the daily allowance with the help of products. It is not necessary to go on a diet, it is enough to include them in the daily diet.